My Postman App freezes/hangs

The window of the Postman App on my MacOS Catalina version 10.15.6 freezes after some time of working on it. My Postman version is Version 7.26.1. I have about 200 requests on the app, but I wasn’t thinking this should be why it is hanging within like 2 hours of usage and I now have to close the window and open a new one to be able to continue using postman

Hi @calebonigbinde

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Sorry to hear that, could you please submit a ticket or write to with logs as per this article here to help us check on this further.

Meanwhile, do try the Web-version of Postman (Beta) and see if that supports better - this screen-record should help you in getting started with the same.

I tried to use the Web-version of postman. This is what I get

@calebonigbinde May I know if you have tried clicking on “Use Postman Desktop Agent” shown in the below console?

Please note, you will need to install and connect to “Postman Agent” and select “Desktop Agent” as below to send requests as of now.

image image

I hope you’ve checked this this screen-record for reference :slight_smile: