30 Days of Postman - Day 12 passes all tests, but still gives "please try again"

I’ve successfully accomplished all tasks in Day 12, and the tests pass fine when submitting, but it still gives me a thumbs down :no_good_woman:t2: in the visualized results. How should I debug this? Any hints?


I’ve checked that the collections, environments and workspaces I use are public. Now I don’t know where else to start looking.

Hi @jansche!

This is a known issue with Day 12, its detection of whether all of the tests are passing isn’t quite right.

@joyce has previously confirmed that if all the tests are passing, that’s the main thing - it won’t block you from getting your badge.


Thanks, @neillstudd. That helps. I did search for an answer but wasn’t aware this thread also has the hint on ignoring the visualisation.

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so glad to have found this here, I’ve been pulling hairs for about 30 minutes, comparing everything I could think of and finding nothing out of the ordinary, while still seeing my 5/5 test results along with that poor kitty missing the mark.

I did notice along the way, this appears to be the first of the submit results to be using post rather than get.

also, I notice a lot of scary looking red text accompanying most if not all of the test’s use of the res variable. I am assuming that has to do with the single error logged in console:

SyntaxError: Invalid or unexpected token.

this does bring to light one of my main gripes with Postman, being that specific error in the console. I’ve run across it several times while working with various apis, and it is especially frustrating; by that point I know something is wrong and that error may as well say “cheese is yummy” as far as it helps me pinpoint what went wrong and where it’s located.

if at the least it could name the invalid or unexpected token it would be a lot more useful. in it’s current state it’s really just pouring salt on a wound.

anyhow, as I did get 5/5 tests passing, and noting the above, I will simply move on and complete the rest of the exercises. that is after I watch the poor kitty for another 5 or 10 minutes :wink:

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Hey @craigz,
Welcome to the community! Looking forward to hearing how it goes with the other days as well.

I had the same experience with wondering where the issue comes from and found the provided details lacking essential information. You’re not alone. :wave:


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