Day 02 - Passes all tests, but still gives “please try again”

I’ve successfully accomplished all tasks in Day 02, and the tests pass fine when submitting, but the third submit (environment) shows a thumbs down in the visualized results. I assume it’s an issue with the test detection similar to the one reported in

Concretely, I think the issue is in this line of the test:

let totalToPass = 5

In my opinion it should be “4” because the tests containts only 4 assertions

Hey @spaceflight-cosmona2 :wave:

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I think that was my bad - I amended a bunch of the Collections for that training recently and I may have broke that. I’ll take a look now. :pray:

Hey @spaceflight-cosmona2

I’ve updated the Collection, if you pull the changes into your fork it should show that change from 5 > 4.

Apologies for that error - All my fault! :pray:

Thanks a lot, Danny!

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