Day 1 | Failed one or more tests

Hi All,

I submit collection for the 15 days for Testers badge but its showing failed . I checked the collections and it looks all requirements are met and all tests are passed .

Unfortunately I cannot figure out the reason the submission failed .

"Hey there!

Your submission for the Postman badge failed one or more tests. Please fix the issues, save your changes, then resubmit in order to get your badge.

Check Day 1

Best regards,

Postman Developer Relations Team"

Link : Postman

Public work space ID: 9a4ca82f-aa90-4e52-997a-c56d19d1ba08

Can anyone help me here


Hi @jimstom

Can you share what you are submitting for day 1?

Maybe screenshots?

Hi James, Thank you so much for your response !!!

PFA the screen shots

Kind regards,

Have you altered the test so that they pass?

I think this should be “Not” include

And this doesn’t look like the version I have…

I’d recommend going through the instructions and making sure you have done everything (without altering the tests)

For example, I just had a look and there is a step that says:


Your call still has ‘hello world!’

I suspect that even though the altered tests pass, that there is something underlying somewhere that recognises the payload is not correct etc.

Hi James ,

Thank you so much for your help !
I really appreciate it

Will have a look on each tasks and let you know in case I have any questions

Thank you again !

Jim Thomas

Hi James, It worked . That was the issue ( small update in the test tab). Thank you for your help

Br, Jim

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