Day 30: Submit for badge - badge failed


I’ve just finished my 30 days of Postman for developers but i can’t get my badge. The email I received says I should review my tests but I think all my tests have passed and I don’t see what I have wrong. The email doesn’t say to revise anything in particular.

The only thing that’s wrong that I don’t know how to fix it is the monitor on Day 11 that fail to read the correct collection, can that be the cause? The thing is, if I check the tests, for example, with the runner, everything works fine.

Here I leave the email and my workspace id is 7f363e57-f455-439e-9aa8-e514a05ab336.
Thank you so much in advance!

Hey @spacecraft-cosmolo16 :wave:

Welcome to the Postman Community! :postman:

Could you please share the URL link to your Public Collection and I can take a look for you.

In the Overview tab, you can hover over the name and copy the link:

Hi Danny! :smiley:
Sure, here’s the link: Postman

You don’t have 2 monitors in your workspace, I would take a look at Day 29 and walkthrough the steps again.

Make sure your workspace contains all of your collections, environments, at least 2 monitors (Day 11 and Day 29), and a mock server (Day 10). 

When you create a new Webhook, it should have also created a new Monitor in the same Workspace, when you supplied that id in the URL.

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