How do allow write access to a collection in a Team Wrokspace

I am trying to share a collection I’ve created with my Workspace Team. The other members can view it but cannot edit it and the same things happen to me when other members do the same.

We cannot find an option to grant write permission to other team members.

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I believe that this question has been answered already - You can check out the solution here:

Ah it was “Modify Roles” which wasn’t that obvious but I’ve figured it out

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It seems like the behavior for editing workspace/collections and managing their permissions is very counterintuitive in relation to the system “Admin” role. While logged in as an Admin I cannot edit roles for any workspaces or collections that were not added by me, even though the user who added those has a Developer role. Maybe it has to do with the fact that user was previously a system Admin when those items were created but in any case, I would expect that as a system Admin, I would have the ability to manage roles for any workspace or collection.

It seems the solution here is to have the Developer grant the sys admin an Admin role for the workspace/collection as well. That’s an unexpected work-around and makes managing the environment quite confusing. Is this how roles are intended to function?