Collection Editor Role by Default


Is there a way of making it so when I create a Collection, it assigns all members of my team to the ‘Editor’ role by default so I don’t have to manually change the Role permissions for each collection?

Hi @LiamC :wave:

Yes, so once you create the collection and click on “Manage collection” - you should find an option to choose roles for “Everyone in the team” as below:

Screenshot 2020-03-07 at 2.02.08 PM

Hope this helps!

Yeah I’m already doing that.

Wanted to know if this can be a default occurrence when a collection has been made.

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Alright guess not then.

For everyone who is looking for a way to do this - we currently do not have this flow in place but our team is tracking this as a feature request in the below GitHub link. Feel free to add any comments/ up-vote that should help the team build this further :slight_smile: