Team workspace permissions

Hi, there is something I don’t understand about team workspaces.

When I create a team workspace, I can invite other users but when they open it, they can’t edit the collections, clicking on the collection name just opens it in the web browser.

However, when a team workspace has been created by an admin user, everyone who joins the workspace can edit the collections in the workspace.

We did a test to try and understand how it works by creating a collection with a non-admin user, joining with another non-admin user, leaving the workspace with the workspace owner and re-joining it.

Once the owner left the workspace and re-joined it, he still appears as the owner in the workspace details but he doesn’t have permission to edit the collections while in the workspace anymore!

I find this a strange behavior and can’t seem to find explanations for it in the workspace documentation.

Do I have to create all team workspaces with an admin user if I want all team members to be able to edit the collections in it?

Thanks for your help


Here is a link that describes modifying permissions.

Whoever creates the collection only has the ability to “Modify Permissions” and it will only show in their dropdown. It can be a pain sometimes.

Hope this explains it a little for you,

I know that you can modify individual permissions for collections, what I am asking about is why I can’t edit collections, which I have edit permissions on, when I am in a team workspace created by another user. I can see the collections, but I cannot edit them unless I share them to my own workspace.

When I go to a workspace created by my other teammate, who is an admin user, I can edit his collections, just like in my own workspaces. Why is that?