What's new in Postman 7.25?

Hey, again!

Yes, it’s been two weeks and we have yet another release of the Postman app to talk about. Postman 7.25 is out and you can already update your app or or download the latest version of Postman. :desktop_computer:

Here’s what’s new in this release:

Role based access control for environments

If you’re collaborating in Postman, you may already be familiar with roles on collections or APIs, which allow to control who can view or edit a specific collection or API. (and if you’re not collaborating in Postman, we recommend you give it a try!)
From 7.25, you can access and set the same roles on your environment and decide who should be able to edit environments and who should only be able to view and use them.
There’s plenty more to it, so here’s two resources if you’d like to learn more, or jump straight to it:

New parameters for notifications on failed monitor runs

When creating a monitor from the app, you can now open the Show additional preferences drop-down and set how many times (1 or 2) you would like to re-run a failed monitors before getting notified.

Showing details for failed requests

Until now, when a request would fail, the app would show a list of possible issues (e.g. server couldn't send a response, request timeout) and it was up to the user to investigate further. From Postman 7.25, the response window surfaces the error directly (e.g. Error: connect ECONNREFUSED which we hope will make it easier for you to debug errors when sending a request or getting a response.

Learn more about troubleshooting API requests.

Improvements to OpenAPI schema validation and import

We’ve made a couple of updates to the way we support OpenAPI in the Postman app, the first one on schema validation, the second one on importing OpenAPI specification files:

  1. By using the API Builder, you can validate API elements (test suites, documentations) against a schema. That validation now supports the nullable DataType, as per the OpenAPI specification 3.0.3.
  2. Last release, we’ve announced improvements to the import flow for OpenAPI, RAML, and GraphQL files, we’ve kept on building and you can now choose between grouping your requests in a collection by Path or by Tags when importing OAS files.

Infinite zoom! (almost)

Whether you’re using a 40 inches monitor, or sitting 5 meters (= 16.4042 feet) away from it, we’ve got you covered. You can now zoom up to 500%, just so you can appreciate every single pixel of the app, whatever your setup is! How do you like that New button?

And that’s all for this release! Hope you’ll have fun zooming around, and that you’ll find the other new features useful. If you’d like to see the full lists of improvements and bug fixes that were also part of that release, you can find the full release notes here.

Don’t forget to download the latest app and let us know if you have any feedback!


:heart_eyes: Infinite zoom!



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This announcement is so good, @arlemi, I’m going to bookmark it as a template, and grade all announcement releases everwhere on a scale of zero to this.

Also, congrats to the whole team on pushing these changes. :slight_smile: