V7.25.2 released?

I have a coworker that downloaded 7.25.2. When I use Postman >> Help >> Check for Updates, I get that I have the latest version, 7.25.0. Does anyone know if 7.25.2 has been released.


Hey @mwoodlts,

We had to stop the rollout of 7.25.2 as it created an issue while validating certificates signed by Sectigo (see more here) for a limited number of users.

This shouldn’t stop you from working together though!

We have an API that is not able authenticate using 7.25.0. My coworker says that it does work in 7.25.2. We are not doing Sectigo. So, could the bug fix in 7.25.2 be accomplished in re-configuring my 7.25.0 API?

Could you try the workaround shown here? https://github.com/postmanlabs/postman-app-support/issues/8589#issuecomment-638872269