What happens after I "Leave and delete a team"?

Hi, somehow I have ended up in a team and it has finally started to bug me enough to try to solve it. I want to leave and delete the team as I am the only member, but I have bunch of Personal workspaces that I want to keep.

When I open Workspaces, there are no longer any actual team workspaces, only Personal as I deleted all already.

Now when I go to my teams settings page and go to /team/leave page I am presented with this dialog and I don’t know whether my Personal workspaces that apparently belong under the team in reality, will be also deleted or whether they will be left on my personal account.

It does say something that “All your data will be available in your personal workspaces that only you can access.”, but what does that even mean?

In the learning center there is an information that says:

When you leave a team, you no longer have access to the team’s workspaces, including personal workspaces, or any of the elements in them. You must reassign your personal workspaces to a remaining team member before leaving if one of the following is true:

  • You’re from an Enterprise team.
  • You’re from a Free, Basic, or Professional team, and you have an account.

I don’t even understand this information. Like, what account in “have an account”? Of course I have an account, otherwise I can’t log in and join a team, no?


When you leave a team, you can also choose to keep your personal workspaces and the data within them in an account if the following is true: you’re from a Free, Basic, or Professional team and you don’t have an account.

Guys, what the heck, how does this even make sense??

“you can keep your personal workspaces in an account if you don’t have an account.”

If you’re the last member to leave a team, the team will be deleted. You will no longer have access to the team’s workspaces, including personal workspaces, or any elements in them. Export your Postman data prior to leaving the team to ensure it stays with you.

There is so many conflicting and confusing information. Please help me, I don’t want to lose anything. Apparently the whole time, any personal workspace I created was automatically assigned under the team without me even realising that.

Hey @ackvf :wave:

If you have a free team and you’re the admin/last member, on leaving and deleting that team, your Workspaces will be shown under your account.

Most of what you have extracted from the learning center relates to leaving a team, when you’re not the only member or you’re not the admin. If that situation, your Workspaces would have been assigned to a current member of the team.

I would recommend exporting or backing up your data before performing any destruction action like this, just incase.

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