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As a follow up to Copy web URL from postman app examples, I want to raise that my primary use case for needing this simple feature is that I often link to collections, request, and examples as part of our internal documentation and jira issues. It’s frustrating to look everywhere in the app believing this is simple enough, surely it’s here, only to find it’s not and I must go to the web so that I can get what I need.

Previously I remember the app having a “view on web” option, but it was only on collections I believe (can’t find it anymore :cry:). Even that provide less friction because it took me directly to the URL I needed so that I could copy it. Although I just need to copy the URL, I would accept this within each component as well.

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Yes much needed as version 8 mimicks more of web version

Hi @nickworth :wave: Welcome to the Postman community :tada:

We have an open feature request in GitHub repo:

Please feel free to subscribe to it and add your comments to weigh in!
Our product managers use that feedback to prioritize and add items to our development roadmap :rocket:

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