Open link to a request within the Postman App

I would like to know if it is possible to create a link locally to a request in the same collection that works in the Postman app?
The documentation generated by the Postman app can do this because next to every documented request there is a Open Request link that directly open a new tab in the app (see image below).
I already tried a few solutions I found on the forum but they all open a tab in my browser, I would like a link that open a new tab in the postman app.


Hi @raubert-hiphen

Open Postman in a browser, find the link you want and right click then select copy link address:


It should look something like this

Every element has a link icon next to it, when you hover over the name:


That’s the way to get the link for the element but this would only open up that element in the web version, there isn’t a deep linking of that element, to open it directly within the postman desktop app.

I believe there is a feature request open for this but I would need to take a look around to find that.

Hi @danny-dainton
Thanks a lot for your reply. A deep link for an element is exactly what I need I just didn’t use right word for it sorry :sweat_smile:

Is it possible to have a link to this feature request or any other mean to let the people from Postman know that users are interested in this feature?


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