Copy web URL from postman app examples

I regularly want to quickly share saved examples in the Postman app with team members. Currently there does not seem to be a way to get the web URL through the app. I have to navigate through the web Dashboard, dig into the docs (we have a single super-collection to group our micro-services), then manually copy/paste the URL from my browser. Ideally there should be a ‘copy web URL’ option somewhere in the menus or UI (maybe next to the copy response button). An important detail here is that we cannot publicly publish our docs as everything is internal and private.

Hi there @pho3nixf1re -

Saved examples are accessible to team members who are part of your Postman team - within the Postman app and also in the web dashboard. The collection (and examples) needs to be shared in a team workspace. And if you just want to call a team member’s attention to a specific request in your super-collection, you could tag them in a comment like @pho3nixf1re either directly in the Postman app or in the private view of the web documentation.

If you’re talking about sharing non-public examples with team members who are not members of your Postman team, you can submit an official feature request here:

I’m going to close this topic since we’ve scooched all new features requests over to the GitHub tracker.