Copy request url to the clipboard

Can we please have a little button next to the address bar or something, to copy the url? I mean the url with any variables resolved to a real url.

Could be in a right-click contextmenu as well I guess. As long as it’s somewhere easy to grab.

Currently, it requires a whole rabbit hole to dive into, to get to the url. I read something about adding a wall of code into the tests, so that it displays - like actually what? Why there? Or you go into the console - good luck to a novice user finding it. There’s probably other similarly esoteric ways to get the url.

It shouldn’t be so difficult to “just” get the url.

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Opening the code option on the right side context bar should give you that resolved URL:

Also, once the request is saved, you can copy it from the Documentation option too:

I understand your frustration! Copying the final URL with resolved variables can be cumbersome. Ideally, there should be a simpler way. A dedicated button next to the address bar or a context menu option on right-click would be fantastic for easy access. The current methods, like adding code to the tests section or using the console, are definitely not user-friendly for beginners. These are more for developers to debug and analyze requests. Simplifying the process is key. Hopefully, future updates will include a more intuitive button or menu option to directly copy the resolved URL, making it a breeze to grab the exact link you need.

@shivanipandeyf are the two methods I explained above not working for you?