How to create an Example?

I’d like to experiment with Examples. I’m looking at this page of the docs:

There seems to be an Examples button in the screenshots. But I don’t have that in my Postman interface. Postman 8.0.5 for Mac. Are Examples really a thing? Thx

Hey @mattneub

Great to have you here!! :trophy:

These sure are still very much ‘a thing’ and are used for both Mocks and for your Collection documentation :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

The Postman documentation is currently being updated to reflect all these new V8 UI changes but if you jump onto the app, you will see the ability to add new examples in a few places on the Request.

In the Collection Browser but using the ... option menu:

Opening the Request in a new tab and using the ... option menu on the top right:

You should also still be able to created examples from the response body too.

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Perfect, thanks very much!

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