Version Control and Collection Reversion

There was a Postman blog post in 2017 titled, “Version Control in Postman.” It detailed how you could view diffs of changes in the activity feed, and could click a “Restore” link to revert to a pervious collection state. Is there still a way to restore an arbitrary collection state? I’m using Postman 7.0.6, and it looks like the app has lost the ability to revert to a previous point in version control.

It looks like this functionality is still in the desktop app. To use it:

  1. Hover over one of your collections
  2. Click on the right that appears
  3. Click “Changelog”
  4. Click “Restore” on one of your versions

Hi @mstalker

Hope you are doing well. Yes, the functionality is available in the desktop app. The Version control feature on Tab Changelog is available for all users. The detailed activity feed such as “restore to an earlier version” is only available for paid users. You will need to upgrade to a paid plan for this feature to be visible if not already.

@mstalker Additionally, the version history only starts being saved after the upgrade. So any changes prior to upgrade cannot be restored.