Is there a rollback option for Postman 7 upgrade

Is there a way to roll back to version 6 should we encounter problems with the upgrade to version 7?

Hi @John_E, yes you can roll back to version 6! Please find more details to this question already asked in the community: Where can I download older versions of Postman?

Hi @cyrielle, Thanks for your reply, sorry my question was too vague. I really meant to ask when upgrading the team to version 7 is there a way to roll back the team to version 6. The problem is I’m not sure what the upgrade will do existing user permissions. If users currently have write access will they have admin access in v7 or only the owner will get admin and everyone else will get contributor?
We have too many collections to try to fix after the conversion, well I guess we can it will just take a while and may impact some users.

Hi @John_E!

Once your team has migrated to version 7, there isn’t a way to roll it back to version 6 because we released this version with a new data model — role-based access control — which provides more robust permissions management for teammates at the collection, API, team, and workspace levels.

There is no notion of Collection owners in RBAC. In Postman v7, collections have two roles - Collection Viewer and Collection Editor .

  • Editors can perform any action that an owner would do.
  • Viewers can add and remove Collections and Environments in a workspace but don’t have permissions for editing the contents of Collections.

Collection roles are independent of Workspace and Team roles, meaning if you grant someone the Editor role for a Collection that is all they need to modify its contents and permissions.

After you migrate from version 6 to 7

  • Everyone with a can View permissions automatically gets the Viewer role on the collection on v7.
  • Everyone with a can Edit permissions on v6 automatically gets the Editor role on t `he collection on v7.

Hopefully this clarifies your questions!

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