Better Version controlling mechanism for Postman Tests


I started with Postman tool some 2 weeks back and I found it really good so far (Kudos to all good blog posts, postman enthusiasts etc :star_struck:,) I would like to share some of my experience/requirements etc with postman here and would like to get some insights from this wonderful community.

My main objective is to integrate the api tests with our development process, and we would want our tests to be triggered as part of our CI/CD pipeline.
The version control system that we have is Atlassians Bitbucket.
So ultimately we would want all the postman collections/request/environments etc to be version controlled in bitbucket for the above to achieve and we will use Newman for the automated test to happen in CI/CD pipeline.

The issue that I see currently is, we don’t have a support for Postman Pro-Bitbucket integration at the moment
The easiest workaround I could think of now is, exporting Postman collection/environments etc to json files to a separate directory or Newman app folder and version control separately with Bitbucket.

But I guess that would slow down our process and there can be other issues, especially when more people (Team) are involved in the test development with postman tool.

Related to it I understand that all the requests,collections that we develop with postman UI do gets saved in users %AppData% folder and it uses LevelDB for this storage, So it goes and saved to C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Roaming\Postman\IndexedDB, which means its not possible for us to version control this.

So have any of you come across of this slight inconvenience and solving it in much better way than exporting collections and then version controlling with bitbucket ? or do you have any inputs for this ?

(As a side note: I observed few issues with Postman-GitHub integration as well, there is no options for Environments json files to integrated automatically, individual collections need to be configured and synced etc)

Please let me know if you have some idea about solving this in much better way

Thanks & Warm Regards