What pricing plan do I need for Version Controlling Collections for my Organization of 5+ members?

I am trying to determine what pricing plan is needed for version controlling collections with other team members (5+ employees) at our Organization. I’ve looked at the Pricing Plan but it does not mention versioning. The closest reference to versioning is “Deployment control” which is listed as being Enterprise only, but the documentation says that Pro OR Enterprise can do this, so I’m confused.

I’ve called Postman and left two voicemails over 2 days and also left an email with the sales team, but it’s been 24 hours and still nobody has reached out. I’m surprised such a large company has nobody to answer the phones or respond to customers and I know this isn’t the right forum for sales questions but I don’t know what else to do since Postman staff are unresponsive.

You can see here on the Learning Center page for Version Controlling Collections that it describes “Pull request settings” as being available on the Postman Professional AND Enterprise plans, but I don’t know if that’s a true statement or a typo since it doesn’t match the actual pricing plans page.

Our organization is trying to decide between Professional and Enterprise and we need answers before moving forward.

Hi there! :wave:

Version controlling collections is part of the free Postman experience. As you have already seen, pull request settings where you can change people’s roles and set conditions for merging pull requests are part of the Professional and Enterprise plans.

To verify this, you can right-click one of your team’s collections and try to manage roles. Hope this helps! :smile:

In addition to what Kevin said, we asked the sales team to expedite their response. In the meantime, here’s some docs on role-based access control to control who can edit collections. “Deployment control” on the pricing page refers to enterprise deployment.