Upgraded to 6.0.7

After upgrading from 5.5.3 to 6.0.7, I cannot access or find 1 of my collections from the Mac-native app (it DOES, however, show under my profile online as a “Shared” collection). Any ideas on how I can pull this collection back into my “new” workspace (my other Collections do show up)?

Hey Ross,

Thanks for contacting us.

Sure we will help you in getting the collection back. This might be an upgrade issue,

Solution 1:

Please send the following debugging information to help[at]getpostman[dot]com from your registered email Id.

  1. View -> Developer -> ShowDevTools (shared) (Right click and Save as)
  2. In the devtools console, paste the following code and copy the results.
(function (copy) {
let data = {};
return pm.models.workspace.find({}).then((workspaces) => { data.workspaces = workspaces; data.user = localStorage.getItem('user'); data.migrationContext = localStorage.getItem('migrationContext'); data.workspaceBootstrapStatus = localStorage.getItem('workspaceBootstrapStatus'); }).then(() => { console.log(JSON.stringify(data)); copy(data); });

3.The collection name which was missing in the latest app.

Solution 2:
If you find all your collections on the web, it is safe to log out and log in which will bring back the collection from our server.

Hope this helps.

code result:


The missing collection is called: “EventSubs Monitoring”

I’ve tried logging out and back in… no dice :confused:

@rosspenna We’ve added the collection back to your personal workspace.

I do see it now… THANKS!!!