Unusable: High CPU usage --- is anyone listening --- Postman version 7.18.1

There are so many people on this board and other places that have expressed how unusable this app is! When someone from Postman replies, the only thing they say is they are looking into it or are this release may fix the problem. This has been a persistent theme.

It looks like the sync may be causing the problem. How do I check that out and if needed, clean it up without deleting what I have?

My environment:
MacBook Pro, 2.6GHz 6-core Intel i7, 16GB RAM


  • 2 environments (I deleted one hoping that would help).
  • Each has 8 variables.
  • There are 2 globals
  • Total of 23 requests across 5 collections

I just uninstalled Postman. Downloaded the latest version 7.18.1. Still have the same problem.

Hi @slief32

If you can send a performance profile when the app is consuming high CPU it would be helpful to find the issues.

Please send the profile for the App UI process (View -> Developer -> Show DevTool(Current View)) and the Sync process (View -> Developer -> Show DevTools(Shared)).

Here’s the steps to get the profile

  1. Open the devtools when the app is consuming high CPU
  2. Go to “Performance” tab.
    3.Click “Record” button and stop after a few seconds
  3. Once the profile is generated, right click on the profile and select “Save Profile”

Please attach the saved profile and the screenshots.

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