High CPU usage, even when it is not open

The print speaks for itself

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Hi @wilian.rech,

Thanks for reporting that, we’re tracking the issue on our Github tracker, I’ve linked your post there:


Don’t worry. They are just mining bitcoin… :smiley: (joke)
Same issue here btw. 100% CPU when postman is IDLE.
Even after I close it. I have to kill it from task manager. wtf?


What happened with this? Is there a solution? I downloaded Postman for windows like a week ago and I noticed this same issue, it’s really annoying. @gorkhaan I thought the same… hahahaha

Windows 10, 16M, but when it is open, I can do one thing (for example: send a request or check for updates) if I act quickly and then slow as molasses or hangs (while taking 30-60% of the CPU while idle ?!) … Fix is close and reopen, I cannot work like that, I am going crazy … Uninstall then reinstall did not correct the problem
I first thought the problem was zoom or discord because the problem appeared when I installed first zoom, and got really bad after I installed discord … which I uninstalled without improvement …
I am now trying Insomnia as a replacement to Postman

if you end up here and still need a solution, try what was suggested here:

This individual:

recommended using this:

changed my life, hope it helps you

This is still an issue on mac.

I just upgraded to v8 i Win 10 and cpu usage dropped from 25% (= a whole core) to 0.8%.

April 2021, and this is still a problem on Mac

Latest iOS, Postman just sits in the background with nothing in it. No tests, no monitors, nothing but a test GET request ran a couple of times (I’ve literally used Postman just to do that one test GET). Yet, while I am working on the endpoint in my editor, Postman sitting in the back consumes 40-60% of the CPU resource

Try turning off hardware acceleration. That brought me down from 141% to less than 1% CPU Usage.


Yeah, just point to Help → (Disable) Hardware Acceleration then restart application did the trick. Thank you!

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Yes, in my case hardware acceleration was the issue