High CPU usage, even when it is not open

The print speaks for itself

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Hi @wilian.rech,

Thanks for reporting that, we’re tracking the issue on our Github tracker, I’ve linked your post there:

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Don’t worry. They are just mining bitcoin… :smiley: (joke)
Same issue here btw. 100% CPU when postman is IDLE.
Even after I close it. I have to kill it from task manager. wtf?

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What happened with this? Is there a solution? I downloaded Postman for windows like a week ago and I noticed this same issue, it’s really annoying. @gorkhaan I thought the same… hahahaha

Windows 10, 16M, but when it is open, I can do one thing (for example: send a request or check for updates) if I act quickly and then slow as molasses or hangs (while taking 30-60% of the CPU while idle ?!) … Fix is close and reopen, I cannot work like that, I am going crazy … Uninstall then reinstall did not correct the problem
I first thought the problem was zoom or discord because the problem appeared when I installed first zoom, and got really bad after I installed discord … which I uninstalled without improvement …
I am now trying Insomnia as a replacement to Postman

if you end up here and still need a solution, try what was suggested here:

This individual:

recommended using this:

changed my life, hope it helps you

This is still an issue on mac.

I just upgraded to v8 i Win 10 and cpu usage dropped from 25% (= a whole core) to 0.8%.

April 2021, and this is still a problem on Mac

Latest iOS, Postman just sits in the background with nothing in it. No tests, no monitors, nothing but a test GET request ran a couple of times (I’ve literally used Postman just to do that one test GET). Yet, while I am working on the endpoint in my editor, Postman sitting in the back consumes 40-60% of the CPU resource

Try turning off hardware acceleration. That brought me down from 141% to less than 1% CPU Usage.

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Yeah, just point to Help → (Disable) Hardware Acceleration then restart application did the trick. Thank you!

Yes, in my case hardware acceleration was the issue

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I just found this in February 2023.
I could see my dell xps15 using the nvidia gpu and too much cpu.
Disabling hardware acceleration as suggested above, worked wonders.

Very suspicious activity…
Maybe not mining bitcoin but definitely something nefarious.
What is the excuse for this?
Inquiring minds and watchful eyes on precious CPU cycles need to know…
And we are on a need to know basis.
I understand I am the product if your product is ‘free’ but this is ridiculous.

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Same on Mac m1, is very creepy how it affects the cpu, the thermal and battery life (charge and battery health across time…)

yeah, Mac here as well on the latest postman version… constantly uses 1.5 cpus as it just sits there open… :frowning:

osx Ventura 13.3.1

Windows 10 up-to-date
Postman “You are up to date! Postman v10.17.5 is the latest version.”

And I’m still experiencing this. After closing the app, a ghost process remains in the process list with the command line parameters:

"app-10.17.4\Postman.exe" --type=renderer --user-data-dir="..." --app-user-model-id=com.squirrel.Postman.Postman --app-path="...\resources\app.asar" --no-sandbox --no-zygote --lang=en-US --device-scale-factor=1 --num-raster-threads=2 --enable-main-frame-before-activation --renderer-client-id=4 --launch-time-ticks=1525030221443 --mojo-platform-channel-handle=3044 --field-trial-handle=1900,i,17540386211454129207,3063223577574246522,131072 --disable-features=SpareRendererForSitePerProcess,WinRetrieveSuggestionsOnlyOnDemand /prefetch:1 Disabled"

and the process is eating 24% of CPU.

Noted the different version: 10.17.4 in the path vs 10.17.5 as the app’s version, but there’s no 10.17.5 folder on the PC.

Can you please stop this activity?

Hey @attila.papp.rim :wave:

Welcome to the Postman Community! :postman:

As this topic covers many major versions of the Platform and several different issues, could I please ask that you add your comment and details to the GH thread here:

It’s the best way to get this in front of the development teams and not lost in a Postman User Community thread. :pray: