Postman native application extremely slow or unresponsive

Within the past half-week or so, Postman application has occasionally been really slow, to the point of not responding to mouse-clicks.

I sometimes see the Sync button spinning, and I wonder if the sync process is CPU-intensive and the possible cause for this slow-down.

I have 1 API. I use only my personal workspace, and I have 12 collections in the workspace.

Looking for insights as to the cause and how to resolve the problem.

Using latest version of Postman (7.19.1).



I confirm that since the last week and exactly since I updated Postman to the last version v7.26.0
Postman has become extremely slow. to be specific , it occurs when I try to modify an environment variable. the mouse become irresponsive and took 5 to 10s to be able to edit a variable after clicking on it!

Hi @alinassour

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Would it be possible to share a performance profile recording too? This would help our Engineering team identify the problem faster.

You can follow the below set of steps to achieve this. If you prefer, here’s a Loom recording that should show how to record the profile performance.

  1. Open the Postman app
  2. Press ⌘ ⌥ I or go to View -> Developer -> Show DevTools (Current View)
  3. Select the Performance tab
  4. Click the red record button and do some interactions within the app which you feel is slow so that our team and identify the delay.
  5. Click stop after 10 seconds
  6. Right-click and save profile and share it here.

Thanks for working with us to identify the underlying issue!

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I am experiencing the same issue.
I just upgraded from 6.7.4 to 7.26.0 last week and the environment variables are so slow to work with it makes the whole tool unusable.
I normally sort the environment variables in a specific order but if I try to move them now it doesn’t work at all, it hangs the whole program.

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I just noticed that the problem occurs when I have a lot of environments (like a dozen) and in the environments that are at the end of the list.
I’ve recorded the problem but I don’t know how to upload it here. where could I send you the attachments . Thanks.

I am seeing the slowness issue as well with version v7.26.0.
Also, the sync icon displays as syncing all the time. Few of my environment variables were not up to date due to this.


The app is responding better then before after the update to 7.26.1 but still slow. now it took around 5 seconds to be able to modify an environment variable.

I’m also seeing this issue to the point where postman is essentially unusable. We have a large number of apis but prior to the last couple weeks postman was able to handle all of them. If you could prioritize this I’d appreciate it, this issue is really slowing me down.

Also happening to me and also seeing constant syncing. I would export my Collections and log out to prevent syncing but export is failing too.

I seem to be having the same problem. Running latest version 7.33.1 and performance has been degraded for several weeks. I also have the sync icon constantly spinning. I have sent today the requested performance monitor to Postman support. This has deteriorated the user experience to the point that I need a fix before I can continue working with Postman.

7.33.1 is very slow, it slows down my PC performance too. Postman native is not usable at this point for me

Same issue, at the latest version, postman is pretty much unusable atm.

the entire application is slow to respond, about a second for each mouseclick or keystroke.

Does anyone have any resolution on this?
I’m experiencing the same issue with sluggish response. I am running version 7.33.1 on windows 10 pro. I have 8 collections and 25 environments. I have restarted my desktop multiple times, closed all open tabs
This now day two of the sync running. image

If you download the Canary version and log in with your account, are you seeing the same thing?

Signing out and signing back in again is another thing that you could try - I would suggest doing a backup of your data before this though and I’m not sure of your current sync status.

Another alternative could to use the Web version of Postman:

Just downloaded Postman Canary and tried changing the environment. Super slow…

I had the same issue and I was wondering why this suddenly was so slow, Sending a Request and even scrolling.
For me, the issue was I had Interceptor turned on and the Chrome Plugin for Postman Interceptor installed and always on.
I turned both off and it is now working smoothly. I still see the syncing icon at top but its much faster and smooth now. Hope it helps someone.