Unauthorized error using twitter API v2

I am trying to fetch Tweets, Retweets, and replies posted by the authenticated user and the accounts they follow. So I went to Twitter API v2 workspace on Postman

I forked the collections and environments from the twitter workspace to my workspace and edited the environments using my keys and tokens. Saved the environments and also made sure its active in the top right.

Then I went back to collections and I tried a sample by going to User Lookup > User by ID and I put the ID and press Send it says “title”: “Unauthorized”, “type”: “about:blank”, “status”: 401, “detail”: “Unauthorized”

Can someone show me how would you access the twitter api v2 public workspace above and be able to use it?

Heres how my set up is, please let me know if I am missing something, I double checked my keys and tokens and even regenerated many times and still not working: