Create Tweet returns error (401) Unauthorized

Hi, I’m trying to Create test Tweet with Postman Twitter Collection.
I setup new App with Development ENVIRONMENT to test this feature.
I setup all keys and add them to Postman’s Twitter Collections which described in this article (Twitter API Authorization)

My app setup:

My keys setup (related to Postman varibales):

Now I can perform GET request with Auth1.0: and get correct respond

The result is:
“data”: [
“id”: “XXX”,
“name”: “XXX”,
“username”: “XXX”

But I cannot create new Tweets with POST request with Auth1.0:

The result is
“title”: “Unauthorized”,
“type”: “about:blank”,
“status”: 401,
“detail”: “Unauthorized”

What I missed, perhaps I need to do some extra setup of my Twitter App or Postman?