Timeout exception for HTTPS request routed from IntelliJ to server via Postman proxy

My setup is the following:

  • Remote corporate server with self-signed certificate and REST api which I am trying to access.

  • System proxy is turned ON in Postman

  • SSL certificate validation is turned OFF in Postman

  • Postman’s certificate is added to JAVA keystore:

  • Proxy settings are added via IntelliJ run configuration to JVM environment:


  • When I execute HTTPS requests from Postman UI - everything works.
  • When I execute the same requests WITHOUT JVM proxy settings in Intellij (do not route traffic via Postman proxy) - everything works.
  • So, things work well when only one application is involved - intellij or postman.
  • Everything works fine for HTTP requests - I can see all requests in Postman which my application makes while being run from Intellij.


  • When I try to route HTTPS application traffic from Intellij by setting Postman as a proxy - I get timeout exception. I don’t see anything in Postman, including console. It is like these requests have never hit Postman at all (by the way is there a way to check this?)