Using postman proxy to caputure https traffic

I’ve followed the documentation and search hits to get the postman proxy [ “capture api requests with postman” ] functionality working fine in the case of non-ssl/tls connection http traffic.

That said all my web apis and sites I want to capture app/browser/system traffic to are ssl/tls connection https traffic. I’ve yet to find any documentation or search hits that allow me to get the postman proxy functionality working for https traffic.

I’d really like to figure this out and not have to resort to fiddler install for that work, thanks.

@myusrn If you are using the native app this may not currently be possible if the API has HSTS enabled, many do.

@tmccann thanks for followup. In this case i’m trying to use postman proxy, in lieu of the way I used to use fiddler proxy, to capture chrome/edge browser, mobile device on local network and backend service HttpClient() requests against web UI and web api urls exposed using standard issue https ssl3 or tls12. Is postman proxy capable of that or is that still something a person has to turn to fiddler to do?

@myusrn It looks like currently there is no solid way to do this in the native app, it is however logged and seems to be something that many are asking for

With any luck this is something that will come along sometime soon. In the meantime I think using something like Fiddler / Charles Proxy would be the best tool for what you are trying to accomplish.

@tmccann thanks for the clarifications. Yeah the postman interceptor extension for chrome will only cover my https openid connected [oidc] secured web api call scenarios. Not sure if it would capture ajax or spa framework [ aurelia, angular, react+redux, vue ] app calls against oauth secured web api and likewise with non-browser based app. Thanks for link to relevant tracking issue.