Postman cannot connect to my workspace/account when SSL proxy is in place

Hello, I have a client that is using an SSL proxy to intercept all traffic when you are logged into their VPN. As usual this proxy issues it’s own self-signed cert to make the browser think it has a secure connection. My browser (Chrome) sees this as a problem unless you install the client’s root cert as a valid certificate. That I don’t care about - My main problem is that this causes Postman itself to become inoperable as it is unable to contact it’s own servers and get to my workspace. I get the error “Unable to load data - We are trying to establish a connection with our servers. Your data may not be up to date until you’re connected”.

How do I get Postman to recognize their cert as valid so that the cert chain will not be broken? I’m on a Windows machine and have already tried installing the cert in the cert store but that doesn’t seem to have helped. Is there somewhere else I need to install it so that Postman knows it’s valid?

Thank you

Is there really nobody that knows how to make Postman play nice with an SSL proxy?

Hi @jwilcox767

Not had to play with certificates myself but is it possible that you need to add a cert into the settings menu here;

Yeah, I did try that but I think that only affects situations where you are making API calls from a workspace. When trying to simply open the application it must not use those to see if the SSL Proxy cert is valid.