This request does not have any tests

The tests correctly give you passes & fails when run on their own, but then running tests as a suite in Collection Runner, only the last requests test gets run and all other requests shows, “this request does not have any tests”

I verified that all the requests has “pm.test()” checking for status!

I also verified that I am on the latest version of PM - 7.23.0

I badly need solution for this. Thanks in advance

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Hey @gandharva666

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Would you be able to check if you have any unsaved changes in the collection? The request tab in the builder will have an orange dot on it.

The Collection Runner doesn’t automatically pick up new changes made to any requests so if you made changes and didn’t save them, the runner wouldn’t know about this until these are saved.

@dannydainton Thanks for quick reply. I cross verified it again and made sure that all the requests in the collections are saved! But, hitting the same issue again!

Would you be able to post some images of what you’re seeing in the app and the test code you have please?

@dannydainton Please find the images below. If i Run the request directly it works. If i run it in collection, it says no tests!

Could you expand the image of the request to include tabs please? It’s hard to know what you’re seeing when the image is focused on a specific area.

Are you seeing the Console Log statements? Can you add a new one and see if that logs the statement to the console when running the Collection.

facing same issue. Any suggestion??

Hey @divakarg211

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Would you be able to explain your particular issue please, just to ensure that it is the same thing you’re facing.

Are all your requests saved?

If you have been making changes to the requests while using the Collection Runner, if these are not saved, the new changes won’t be seen.

Facing the same issue, after saving all the requests per Danny’s suggestion, my issue got solved, thanks!

But the way it was designed is not intuitive, I see saving the requests is causing another issue and there are a lot of complaints:, would suggest improving this.

I am getting errors while I am uploading the CSV files in the Postman!
Can help me with that regarding this issue


Hi @shimpikuldeep92,

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Looks like this issue is a little different than the one in this thread. But your issue looks like your request URL is empty. Would you be able to show us the request that you’'re using for this collection run?

Also, these documents should be able to help:

Or if you prefer videos, you can watch this:

Hope this helps!

Your server is probably running on some another port which you not expect. and this is mostly happen when you are using proxy.
so check your network to see if any proxy sets and close it.

for example you may always listening on port : 4000 but if you connect with vpn this might change to something like port : 3453.

you might find this link useful. i had your problem and could solve in from this page.

I was able to solve this, posting the solution so it might be helpful for others.
I was using just; statement in tests, so collection runner was displaying message that there are no tests. image

But when I added the same statement inside pm.test() function
pm.test(“response is 200”, function(){;
Below message is displayed