Single test case RUNNING, Collection folder test case (NO TEST FOUND)

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From the tabs at the top, it looks like you have unsaved changes (the red dots).

Fix that first.

Do you actually have any tests in those requests? Any code in in the “tests” tab?

i have saved now but still in collection same issue

Your screenshot is not showing any tests in the “Tests” tab otherwise it would have a green dot to show there is content in there like it does for “Params”.

It looks like you just have requests with no tests.

Therefore the screenshot is correct. You have no tests.

If you are new to Postman I would recommend the Postman training links which are located under “other resources” in the Learning Centre.

Other resources | Postman Learning Center

The “Galaxy API’s 101” course gets you used to sending requests and the GUI.

The “Galaxy Testing and Automation” gets you used to testing your responses and using variables, basic scripting, etc.

Everything is working fine,
Thank you
(Your service is more faster than NHS emergency department)

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