Swapping between Workspaces causes a request to become unsaved

I’m getting some weird behaviour.

  1. I have request X open in Workspace A
  2. I swap to another Workspace
  3. I then swap to Workspace A
  4. Request X has now become unsaved!
  5. The save button has no effect.
  6. If I close request X, I am offered to save it,which I do.

However if I then re-open request X the whole cycle starts again.

This is very annoying as not being able to trust if something is genuinely saved or not is a hit on productivity.

Hey @jeronimus_tui, I’m unable to see this. I followed the steps that you mentioned, but the request behaves correctly. Can you record a screencast or something of you doing this? Is this only happening for specific requests, or all of them? Also, what version of the app are you on? All this info will help me debug this faster. Thanks!

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Version 6.0.10 (6.0.10)

It is not happening for all requests in this Workspace.

For all the requests that it is happening for, they were all duplicated from each other, maybe it is a problem with duplication?

These three screenshots show the flow. I go from the GoL workspace, to the DE Workspace, and then when I go back to the GoL workspace the TIMS - Register device endpoint is unsaved.