Saving a Collection in one Workspace, causes it to be unsaved in another

So I have just got v6 of Postman that introduces Workspaces…

  • I have an endpoint Beta from collection Alpha open in both my Personal and Team workspace.
  • I make a change to a Test in endpoint Beta in my Personal Workspace and save it.
  • I then swap to the team workspace and endpoint Beta now has an orange dot beside it indicating is unsaved. However if I save it the change I just did in my Personal Workspace is lost!

Is this expected?

Also, has the concept of grey folders (to indicate a private collection) and orange folders (to indicate shared collections) gone?

Hi @jeronimus_tui,

For now, yes - that’s the expected behavior. Cases where the same request/folder/collection is modified by another user (or by the same user in another workspace) aren’t handled yet. We’re working on adding indicators to the UI that’ll make this easier to work with.

Updates to the private/shared collection icon are in the works as well.

Surely it’s a bug and not expected behaviour? From another post in help:

As for the second point, workspaces are meant to enhance collaboration. You can consider these as simply an additional view layer on top of your collections such that you can arrange them better.

So if it is just a view layer a change made in one view should be reflected in another straightaway?


If you have the same request open in two workspaces, it is similar to having two tabs for the same request. We allow you to make changes the request independently through any of the tabs.

If one of the changes are saved, when another tab is viewing the same request, it now indicates that it is in a state that has diverged from the saved request. Which is indicated by the orange indicator.

We’ve been working with this principle for tabs for quite some time. With the introduction of workspaces, I can understand that this might initially be unintuitive.

We’ll see how we can better communicate this.

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Slightly different behaviour though. Having two tabs in one workspace for the same request gets this warning: This request has been modified in another open tab. with Save and Overwrite and Save and Duplicate options

Same request in two different workspaces gets this warning: This tab has unsaved changes. Do you want to save them? Your changes will be lost if you close this tab without saving. Without the two options above.

I am starting to grow fond of Workspaces though, have already used them for a few use cases :+1:



We’ve made a couple of improvements to workflows like these in the recent releases, starting from 6.4.

  • If you do not have a response or have not made any changes to the request, any changes made from other workspaces will immediately reflect on this tab in this workspace.
  • If you have a response already loaded in this tab, any changes made from other workspaces will not overwrite current tab. But instead of making the tab unsaved we still show the tab as saved, but with a conflict warning. This will let you know that you are looking at a request that is not up to date.

We hope this makes things easy for users. We would love feedback on improving this better.

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