Can not switch to workspace

My question:
My postman said that “You are online, Now you can switch to a workspace to collaborate and sync your work.” but when I click on the Switch to Workspace button, It take 1s to blank the screen and it’s show up this infomation again “You are online,…”

Details (like screenshots):

How I found the problem:
It’s about 1 years after the last time I use Postman, now I have an project on it and I got this error

I’ve already tried
I haved searched for this problem, but I have no idea,
I have uninstall and remove all cached in Local/Roaming folder but It’s doesn’t work


Hi, Is Your problem solved? I’ve same problem and I can’t find news to solve it.
In addition, on some servers it works, on other (similar or equal) it doesn’t and more on same server for a user it works, for other user it doesn’t work… this is making me crazy!