How do you copy a request from a team space to your personal space?

Have a request I would like to copy from the team space to my personal and then make changes.

While I can duplicate and or save/save as the request, those options don’t give me a choice of which workspace to save too.

Hey @shiretrib,

You’re correct, there’s no option to save a specific request into a workspace when trying to duplicate or save. These actions are limited to the workspace you’re working in.

However, you can share (or duplicate) the collection (which contains the request you want to move) to another workspace. Here’s more info on sharing collections-

Hope this helps!


This doesn’t help. You really need to be able to just copy a request and later be able to paste it where ever you land.

Hi @shiretrib,

Since postman has organized its structure around collection objects, as opposed to individual requests, you cannot do this copy paste type of functionality natively.

What you can try is creating a fork of the collection that has the request you want, and placing that fork into your personal workspace. In that sense you get a copy, and additionally it can be updated manually for any changes that happen in the team workspace (Merge changes, then pull). Again, not at the request level, but this is what I would do when I ran into this issue between my personal and team workspaces.

Hope this helps.