Student Expert Program-Skill Check complete-NoErrorsInConsole-Getting 400 status

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I have completed first 2 parts of the program and shared my collection in web. I am stuck in finishing the program as the skill check request is not giving any error neither 200 status while i have completed till adding test script and set environment var. I have attached the screen shot of my request, response & console.

Can you help me.

@PriyaGanapathy Welcome to the community :bouquet:

Can you check exactly which test is failing? And try to fix the same.

After checking your post I found that there’s a change in name field when I tried with my collection. The Error message should be self explanatory. Please read it carefully and try again. That’s all I can do…

Because the expectation of the program is to make the learners to do on their own :slight_smile: And definitely you can fix that :trophy: Just a hint, 400 bad request is usually returned when there’s something unexpected is passed as part of the body. :relaxed:


Thank you @bpricilla.
Noted and sorted that error. My 6th Test ‘Adding a script’ is failing. Can you help what’s wrong in my test script. Attached screenshot of the console too.

Hi @PriyaGanapathy - a hint: you’re trying to set an environment variable but are missing something required for that to work :wink:

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Aw… must be missing something silly!! Thanks for your hint. Will look that.

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Thanks for the hint @suesmith. Found my mistake . Completed and Submitted my collection link. Thanks much for your help. Templates are thoughtfully made and really helpful. Kudos to the team behind it.

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Great! Thanks for the feedback. :rocket:

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