Postman Student Expert Test Collection two test fail

I’m Testing my Collection after successfully skill check and now trying to call test collection api and getting 8/10 success in Test Result these two are failed why??

@ suesmith what should do next? please anyone help me, guide me.

here’s image that show which two are failed

@harrykanani , for Used variables - make sure that you have added all the variables needed.

and for the “Skills Checked” test case, make sure that you have completed all the activities under the request “Skill Check” and it is marked as complete.


All activities what do you mean by? What should i add in skill check api? I think I’ve done all the things and I’m receiving response with all success

@suesmith i really need your help request to complete my postman student expert last api call named “test collection”

so issue is in skill check api response is all success but in test collection the error i got in skill checked api

i’m attaching both screen short below please check and please tell me what’s the issue ?

Did you update the Collection link you created, after making changes?

The generated link you created does not update automatically and needs to be manually updated via the Share > Get public link modal option.

I’m not saying that’s going to solve your issue but it could potentially be the problem. :grin:

A large part of this training is also having the ability to work through and debug what’s going on, retrace your steps and understand what each request is doing and what the scripts within those requests are doing. :trophy:

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I’ve tried but not worked I’ve tried many time but didn’t work :exploding_head:. Now @suesmith can help or find the bug because in skill check api I’m getting all succeed but in test collection I’m getting error in skill check 🥲

Thank you all of you for check my problem and trying to solve.

i’ve found the solution to this issue i’ve not set environment variable in skill check api test script
that is expected in test collection script.

now i request @suesmith to close this

Hi @harrykanani - I’m stuck with the same issue you faced. All skills pass in the Skill check segment however the test collection is still reporting a failure as you not. Can you assist with your environment variable in the skill check API test script (that is expected in test collection script?)

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@richgro I’ve found the issue that I’ve not added such environment variables and not set the environment variables values in skill check api test scripts.
Thanks for your reply :pray:

As you can see my skill checker completes.

When running the test collection - I have a FAIL on the skills checked, as below.

I review the code for that test as follows

@harrykanani does the above look OK?

@harrykanani All g - got it. My issue was re-creating the URL to test the collection.

You’ve not added one missing environment variables and not set it in skill check api’s test scripts

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:pray: @harrykanani


I am getting the same error, my code is -

pm.test("Skills Check", () => {
    pm.environment.set("responseData", jsonData.rand);

I’ve already set the environment variable. Can you help me out in this ?