Postman student expert

Hi all,
I was trying to complete the student expert course but there are 4 tests that are failing and I am not able to resolve them. Could anyone please help me?

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Hi @navigation-geologist - the failing tests should give you an indication of where you have missing parts. If you have four failing I would recommend going back through the requests from the beginning (send the first one in the collection and follow the instructions from there), making sure you carry out all of the steps contained within the responses, saving all of your requests, then updating your link by going back through the Share flow before running the test request again. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @suesmith
I have almost done training and this error occurs. Any tips?

Hey @gkieszkowski

It looks like the quote marks around the test name and the environment name are not quite right - This sometimes occurs if you have copy and pasted the code snippet from some place else.

If you manually replace all the quotes, does that fix the error.

Hey Postman Community,
I have completed all the test in the Student Expert Collection but in the last Test collection, 4 error has been raising, I have checked all the previous requests that are also saved, so could you please help me to fix that.

Below the SS for the failing tests has been attached,

After saving, did you manually update the shared URL link? Sometimes that’s the case here.

Also, just double check each request from the start again, I know you said that’s done but it’s always would checking again as some of those fail come from the earlier requests.

Thankyou @dannydainton, Your words really helped a lot now I am only stuck with this one.

Could you show an image of the request where you have added a description?

I have added the description in the Skill Check request, here is the image

Are you sure that the description should be added to that request?

You might want to look in one of the requests in the 2. Scripting and Collection Runs folder…

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I’m happy to complete this, Special thanks to @dannydainton