Student Expert Program for non-student?

Is it possible to do the Student Expert Program / Badge, without being a student of a college or university?

Hi @w4dd325 - are you more interested in doing the training or getting the badge?

Lots of opportunities for training classes and Postman badges. And when student experts graduate, they can participate in the professional ambassadorship program - Supernovas.

Hi @joyce

To be honest, a little bit of both. I really want to learn more about Postman, but I’d never say no to a badge.

Im trying to go through the bootcamp but I think part of it is broken at the moment.

I’m signed up for both of those sessions and have a backlog of others that I plan to go through.

I have the Lost in Space badge from the Badgr link and have submitted 2 more for review.
I plan to do another 3 over the next few weeks, but the last 3 (Galaxy Training and student expert + leader) I don’t think I can get?

And the Supernova looks cool, but I think I’m a long way off that!

I’m waiting for the devs I’m working with to provide API schema’s so we can test against them, as that what I have just started learning more about. And am planning to look in to how Postman can be utilised for security.

Im really enjoying Postman, and just want to learn more, but also learn the “right” ways of doing things.


Well then, TWO recommendations for you.

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Excellent thank you!

I will definitely watch those! I’m currently 10 tasks into the 30 days challenge :slight_smile:
I’m very excited to hear that there is one for testers soon!!

Thank you for the replies, very much appreciated

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