Postman Supernova Program: join us!


Hello fine community members,

Postman Supernovas are official ambassadors who build community here and share their knowledge through a variety of events and community participation. You might recognize some familiar names from our first cohort: @vdespa, @odanylewycz, and @carson.hunter. If you’re interested in nurturing the Postman community and sharing your hard-earned knowledge with other users, check out the blog post to learn more.

Let’s talk!


As many folks can attest, @bpricilla loves helping people learn Postman. She’s stepped up to be a leader in our community because of passion for sharing her knowledge, and getting to know others. I’m proud to share that Pricilla has become a Postman Supernova!


Thank you soooo much for the kind words @hannah.neil :heart_eyes: You are really an awesome person.

Of course I feel privileged and can proudly represent Postman here on :partying_face: I learn so much from here everyday. I got a chance to meet so many like minded lovely people. I am grateful that I am here!!!

Let’s continue to help each other and grow together :hugs:

Take care and stay safe guys!!

P.S May be I should write a post summing my experiences so far in this Postman Journey :star_struck:


@bpricilla, was it hard to get started with the supernovas program? Do you find it easy to do in your spare time? I am very interested in this and would love to hear more about your experience thus far.
I can’t wait for a future post - anything that you can share now about your experience for those like me who are interested?
Thank you in advance and thank you for the inspiration.

2 Likes Welcome to the community :partying_face:

That was so kind of you :hugs:

Sure, it won’t be hard if you love Postman :woman_astronaut:

My post is in-progress and I will post it as soon as it’s ready!!

Please reach out to @hannah.neil for more details :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi , I wrote my story and shared in my blog pages. Please check this post.


We have several new Postman Supernovas to introduce. First, welcome @praveendvd. You may know Praveen from his active participation here on the Community forum and on Stack Overflow. Congratulations and welcome, Praveen!


Well deserved @praveendvd! You’re an awesome part of the Postman community and we’re lucky to have you!


Thank you so much @sean.keegan , I learned a lot after starting my journey with postman . A great tool and community :heavy_heart_exclamation: . Thank you @hannah.neil