Badges and courses of postman required for Tester


I am a software tester and I have completed the postman student expert and Postman API tester. Postman 15 days challenge is in progress to complete.
I would like to know which other courses or badges will help me to cover the API testing in depth.


Hey @apeksha-dalvi !

This is some impressive work, congrats on taking the initiative with this! :muscle::tada:

One that stands out immediately to me is the 30 days of Postman challenge. Thereā€™s a bit of overlap, but it does give you a pretty solid understanding of many of Postmanā€™s features and will support you for other courses going forward.

Additionally, Lost in Space is a fun puzzle challenge that can be completed for a badge in Postman.

Thereā€™s also a really great YouTube series by one of our Postman Supernovas, @vdespa.

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