Looking for new tutorials

Hello team, @dannydainton @sahuvikramp @clairefro

I have completed Postman Student expert training and I feel it’s quite interesting and want to continue in it.
Please guide me for learning next tutorial (what should I learn next) so that I can get and enhance more knowledge.

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Hi @silky09

Have you had a go at the Postman badges?

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Hej @w4dd325

Thank you so much for sharing this link. :pray:

Feel free to check out these modules. There is no badge for them but they cover more advanced API consumption

Postman Classroom Program

Since your bio says you are a software tester, you might be interested in the Galaxy Testing and automation training

Happy learning!


Hey @silky09, Congrats on completing Postman Student expert. :trophy:

You can follow what @w4dd325 and @clairefro said that will be an interesting journey with lots of geeky fun.

Also, once you feel like you are done with learning, you can always have a look at Postman’s community programs where you can share your API experience with other like-minded technologist. :mechanical_arm:

Happy Learning!
Enjoy :partying_face:


Thank you @clairefro for sharing these useful links. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you @sahuvikramp for guiding me :love_you_gesture:
I will follow your instructions.

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