Set default for horizontally screen-split-ratio


always when I open a new tab in postman, the main screen is horizontally splittet/divided approximately in the middle. In the upper part there is everything about the request (params, http-request-header, http-request-body),… in the bottom part there is the response body.

This kind of makes sense for PUT and POST requests, which contain a http-request-body. But for GET requests this http-request-body is usually empty and often the response body is even longer. So I really often have to change this screen-ratio by grabbing the dividing line by mouse and pulling it upwards.

So my question is, is it possible to change this default ratio for new opened tabs with GET requests? Or alternatively, remember the ratio from the last time the request was opened?
This would be great. If this is not possible, I would like to propose this as a feature request.

Thanks in advance!

Hey @api-developer-3000 :wave:

There isn’t a option to set things like that for a particular HTTP method, we remember the last section within a tab that you were in previously but not the expanded/collapsed state of a pane. Potentially, there might be a good shout for an extra couple of keyboard shortcuts, to open and close the request/response panes.

The best place to submit a feature request would be on our public issue tracker. It’s the most direct way to do that as things in the fourm tend to get lost within the list of other topics. :pray:

Hi Danny,

thank you again!
I will try that at github :slight_smile:

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