Some UI questions

Having been using postman for a while and it is a great tool. Thanks!

Questions for some UI related, I searched a lit but can’t find answers.

  • in the “Headers” tab, I never use “Description” column. I am able to remove it by click the three dot. But I have to do this for each request. Is there a global setting so I can remove this column for all requests and any new request added?

  • when the request/response panel are not wide enough, the tabs become dropdownbox. This caused some issue for the response panel that the “Test Result” are not visible by default. And if there is failure, there is no indicate at any place on the UI until I manually click the dropdownbox and select “Test Result”. I think this is not convenient. Usually I always want to see the “Test Result” for any response. Is there a way to always let the “Test Result” show up in the response panel no matter the width of the Response panel?

In general, I found the UI is not easy to use and elements not well arranged.


Check on the Postman GitHub and see if these already exist… pretty sure I have seen panel widths mentioned before;