Sending data with form-data type is not working

I’m trying to send an image so I clicked ‘body’ , ‘form-data’ and selected ‘File’ in drop-down -list.
And I was able to see button for ‘Select Files’ but nothing happened when I clicked it.
I searched about it and uncheck all checkboxes in headers but it’s still not working.

Hi @trymore87

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May I know the version of the application you are currently using and the OS (Mac, windows) on which its run? I tried to replicate this and was able to select an image from the version v.7.29.1

Hi Thank for your reply.
I’m using mac Catalina ver 10.15.5 and postman ver 7.29.1

Thank you! Could please provide us the logs by navigating to ~/Library/Application Support/Postman/logs and submitting a ticket here. with the title Community #14747

Meanwhile, try installing Canary and see if that helps.

I tried using Postman Canary and figured it out finally.
Thank you so much.