I cant get image from form-data

I can’t get form-data images. I am getting the NoSuchFileException. My direction of the file looks right, I read the other posts, and it seems not to work. /Users/it/Postman/files, however, my images are on my desktop, I made the directions to Desktop but still it will not get the image. I also toggled the “Read files outside working directory” to on and still, it didn’t work. What should I do?

Hi @ozkancil ! Welcome to the Postman Community.

Your question is a bit unclear to me. Are you trying to upload images to a server using form data in Postman and you’re getting an error? Where was the “Read files outside working directory” toggled? It would be helpful if you can help clarify and provide some screenshots so I can understand the issue better.

I am trying to Post a image to the server using form data postman.

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