Can't "Build" new Team Workspace AND First Impression of Workspaces

When I go to Team Workspace I can browse all the collections that were there prior to the v6 update. However, when I select Build the top of the screen just switches to Loading and nothing else happens.

Why can I not work on my Team collections?

Secondarily, my immediate impression of workspaces is less than favorable. It feels clunky and introduces many more clicks to move around when I want to.

I don’t understand why all collections I have subscribed to (previously Team Collections) are now listed in white under My Workspace. Does modifying them here in turn modify the shared version of them? Or do I need to modify them locally and then also modify them under the Team Workspace? I don’t follow the logic of that change.

I hope this change will grow on me.

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Hey @Ciege. Thanks for your feedback and sorry for the inconvenience. For the first part, can you try reloading the app and signing back in? If the issue persists, please drop us an email at with the registered email id you use for the app.

As for the second point, workspaces are meant to enhance collaboration. You can consider these as simply an additional view layer on top of your collections such that you can arrange them better. Coming to your question, if you share a collection to a team workspace and modify it in your personal workspace, the change will be reflected in the team workspace as well because remember, workspaces are just additional views over your existing collections.

What this means is that you can work on personal collections in your personal workspace and for collections on which you would like to collaborate with your team members, you can share those in a team workspace.
This way, any changes that you make to the collection through your personal workspace would be reflected in the team workspace and similarly, changes made by your team members to that collection in the team workspace would be reflected in your personal workspace without any additional sharing/exporting flow required at either end.

We have added docs for workspaces, these might help you get started quickly.

Feel free to reach out in case you have any additional querries or feedback.

Hi @deepak.pathania, When I reloaded the Postman app the loading went away and I was able to get into the Build portion of my Team Workspace. Thank you for that.

As for the rest of it. I suppose it’s a learning curve. I will give it a good try and reply back with any other issue I may come across.