Private workspaces

I am trying to work in a Private workspace so as not to break the working code in the Team workspace. I exported a collection from a Team workspace.

However, when I try to import it into my Private workspace it complains that it already exists? Why is this? It does not exist in my Private workspace, my Private workspace is empty!

Can a collection exist only once across all workspaces?

Surely there must be a simple way of getting a Team collection into a Private collection to work on in complete isolation?

This looks like a bug.

  • I just exported a collection from my Team Workspace
  • Switched to my private workspace
  • Imported the collection
  • But two collections were created (the import and a copy of it)

You could create a fork from workspace collection for this scenario too (This is what it’s used for)
Just beware of the below issue which still occcurs: