Running out of profile space

We have Postman Enterprise version installed. It stores the Postman data in c:/user/AppData/Roaming/Postman\IndexedDB which regularly causes my profile space to exceed the limit. Postman does not cater for changing where it stores its data.

How do I get around this?


@hans.hofkens Can you provide us the info on the size of indexedDB folder?
We store all your Postman data (Collections, Environments, Globals, Collection-runs) in indexeddb which would have caused this.

The size is relatively small, but still big enough to cause my profile space to run out. Many other applications have an option to configure where application data can be alternatively stored to get around this profile space problem. Postman does not allow for this.


I have the same issue – as Yoda might say “Generous with profile space my employers are not. Hrmmm.”

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We are experiencing the same issue - unfortunately deleting the roaming data means we lose our setup of Postman…