I lost all my collections while upgrading the postman version

Hi Team,

I lost all my collections while upgrading the postman. I do not have an account with the postman and I though its just an update, it should not bother much. However, I made an extra copy of Indexdb-folder of the old version just incase. I am trying to import those files but I am not able to. I tried following these steps in the link - https://support.getpostman.com/hc/en-us/articles/360035071313-How-to-recover-my-data-, but dint help much. Could you please help me out on this.


Hey @lpmaddula90 – sorry to hear that you’re having trouble here. We’ll do our best to help.

It looks like you created an account today. My assumption is that you were working in the app without a registered account (totally fine) with all your data being stored locally. When you sign in to an account, your local data may be overwritten by the information that’s associated with the account you’re signing in with – the new account in your case.

The help center article you linked outlines how you can go about attempting to restore your local data. I’m happy to try to restore the same data if you open a support ticket and provide those IndexedDB files.

You can open a ticket with us via the page below

Hey Chris, thanks for responding. I have opened ticket#47148 on this regard. Please let me know what has to be done next as a part of this. Thanks!!